August 23, 2016

Welcome and thank you so much for joining in!

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Let’s get started!

First, be sure that you receive my emails.

I try to keep communication contained to Instagram, but I do send Weekly Hashtag copy/paste lists and other info via email.

If you use a account, my emails will end up in your Promotions Tab.  Move one of them over to your Inbox to tell gmail that you want to see those there.

The email address I will have on file is the one from the paypal account you signed up with.  If that’s not the best email address for you, please send me a DM and provide me with the best email address for you.  Thank you!

Then, you have to request to join our private Instagram account.

  1. To get to the account, CLICK HERE or search for “hubhack_members” when you’re on Instagram.
  2. Click “Follow” to request to follow the account.

*Every day, I get a report of new members, including the Instagram @username you provided just a moment ago.  I’ll match up your @username with my report and you’ll be granted access to the private account.  Please allow 24 hours for your follow request to be granted.  

Once you have access to the private account,

here’s what to expect

Each day, I make a carousel post with that day’s daily, weekly and monthly hashtags.  Swipe from right to left in order to page through and see each image.  

The hashtags are color-coded to make it easier to visually separate the different types of hashtags.  For example some hashtags contain their theme within the hashtag, for example: #cc_emotional or #cm_BnW.  Other hashtags use numbers or the theme isn’t exactly obvious from the hashtag, for example #jj_forum_2374 or #mom_hub1119.

I will also include “trending hashtags” which is based on Google, Twitter and the National Day Calendar.  These have the potential of getting new eyeballs (hopefully new followers) to your account and actually give you a chance to be featured on big brand accounts.  For example, you can get featured on the Domino’s Pizza account for tagging #NationalPizzaDay and an adorable picture of your kiddo eating a big slice of pizza. Some hashtags don’t translate well from Twitter to Instagram, so I don’t include every trending tag – only ones that might have traction on Instagram.

I recently color-coded the hashtags based on whether or not the hub features ONLY kid/family images or if it’s a general hub.  The daily themes are currently all general – use any of those hashtags regardless of if there are any kids in the picture.  Most of the weekly themes tend to be from kid/mom hubs though.

instagram hub themes


instagram daily themes


Also, every Monday or Tuesday, your Weekly Hashtag List will be posted here to the site, to a password protected page.    All you need to do is click the link in the profile of the @hubhack_members account, tap your way to the Weekly Hashtag List.  You’ll copy/paste your theme tags for the week.  (I have better luck on my iPhone copy/pasting from the weekly email.)

The most updated tutorials for I use the Weekly Hashtag list, start to finish, including how I copy hashtags, etc, are on my IGTV Channel, which is accessible from the profile page at @hubhack_members.


Here’s a older tutorial for how to do this.


Got questions?  DM me on Instagram @hubhack_members, email me at or if you have an urgent need, feel free to text me at 404-838-8997.

(Please remember to allow 24 hours for your follow request to be granted to the private IG account.  You need to show up on the report and then I need to go in and manually add you. If it’s been over 24 hours and you’re still not in, feel free to contact me to be sure there isn’t an issue.)

In the meantime, please explore all the premium content, free tutorials and articles available here.  I hope you enjoy your membership!

Happy Hashtagging!

Thank you so much for your business, please feel free to provide me with feedback or ask any questions that you have.

You can click here to be directed to the Members Area and view the Weekly Hashtag List.