Like many of you, I’ve taken nearly every workshop and breakout under the sun!  While the vast majority are really good, there are definitely only a few that I’d include in my MUST TAKE top 1% of all photography education I’ve done.

One of those is The Magic of Light workshop with Summer Murdock through Illuminate Classes. 

This is literally one of only two classes that I put what I learned into action with every single shot I take.

Now, that’s not to say I always do it well when I press the shutter, but this class certainly made me a much better photographer.  And, the experience of working with Summer was incredible.  I absolutely adore her, her feedback is amazing, and in some parallel universe, I just know we’re best friends.

This workshop runs about twice a year and is the absolute most difficult class to get into.  Unlike ClickinMoms, Illuminate caps silent seats as well as active seats.  I believe there were about 20 active students and maybe around 30 silent and alumni seats during my run in the Fall of 2017.

I highly recommend taking this as an active participant.  It’s worth it.  Trust me.  Why bother spending $275 when you get so much more for only $75 more?  (Active seats are $350. One of the best investments I’ve ever made into my photography.)

Only a small percentage of people that try to get in, actually do.  In fact, I’ve seen comments on Instagram that the same people have failed 3 and 4 times!

But then, how did I manage to get in on the first try?

Well, as with anything, I found a hack for that.

I knew it was nearly impossible to get in, so I devised a system to ensure success.  I’ve shared a little about it previously, but in this post, I will give the step-by-step process including a checklist and a template to make sure that you get in!  

Results not guaranteed…I can’t help you if you have a poor internet connection, type slowly or make mistakes during this process.  However, I believe that if you do this the way that I outline and have a little luck on your side, you will get in.

This workshop sells out in seconds, no joke.

When I registered for last year’s run, immediately after I got confirmation that I was in, I clicked back and attempted to sign up again – just to see if there were any seats remaining.  There weren’t!  I’ll estimate that it took me about 20 seconds to go through the entire registration process.  That means that the workshop sold out in about 20-22 seconds!

You are conducting emergency brain surgery, y’all.  You must be quick, but you must be precise.  There is no room for mistakes.

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