how to edit black and white in lightroom and photoshop

A few days ago, I posted the full-length videos of my editing a couple B&W pictures for @thecandidclass. But, the issue with those videos is that I recorded them at different times, so they didn’t flow amazingly well.

I first edited the close-up portrait in Lightroom, and skipped a few steps, not wanting to duplicate what had already been taught.  Then, I showed you in Ps my edits, layer by layer, but you didn’t see me edit in real time.

Then, I showed you the girl in the field picture, step by step in Photoshop, but I never showed you my Lightroom edits.

So….for THIS edit, I’m going to show it to ya, soup to nuts. (I had a manager back in the corporate world that used that saying all the time, which I found so funny, and weird, but I kinda like it.) So, you’ll see everything from the point at which I narrow down which image I’ll select to edit, all the way through to saving it to my dropbox folder, ready for Instagram.

You’ll learn a ton of shortcuts, tips and tricks to make your editing go much faster and hopefully help you achieve cool results with your B&W photos.  I’ll use no presets or actions at all.

The video is close to ONE HOUR in length, so you’ll also get to listen to me ramble and opine about all sorts of bizarre things…Forgive.

Here’s the SOOC:

how to edit photos in lightroom and photoshop

Here’s the B&W Treatment applied:

free photo editing videos

Here’s the raw processed image after all Lightroom adjustments:

edit photo in photoshop

And again, the final image after some Photoshoppin’ love:

how to edit black and white in lightroom and photoshop

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