Your order has been cancelled

No hard feelings.  Really.

But if you’ve decided against trying out a HubHack membership, could you spare a moment to let me know why? Maybe I didn’t answer all the questions you have.  Maybe it’s not in your budget – I totally understand.

If you don’t mind letting me know any reasons why you decided not to purchase a membership today, I’d be so grateful.  This feedback will truly help me improve my customer experience for everyone.

Thank you so much!

[contact-form][contact-field label=’For what reasons did you decide against a HubHack membership? ‘ type=’textarea’/][contact-field label=’I have the following questions that weren%26#039;t answered in your info:’ type=’textarea’/][contact-field label=’I%26#039;d like a response to my feedback and/or questions please. ‘ type=’radio’ options=’Yes,No’/][contact-field label=’If you selected YES above, please enter your email address:’ type=’email’/][/contact-form]

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